21st Century Native Hawaiians in Action Advancement of Hawaiian culture through education, leadership, entrepreneurship, environmental kinship, and activism.

Spring 2017

Title Presenter Date & Time Location Media
Tū Aʻe Hawaiʻi
Tū Te Pito o Te Henua
Kekoa Harmon
Taupouri Tangarō
January 26, 2017
12:00p - 1:00p
UCB 127 Flyer
Kahoʻolawe The Next 40 Years Craig Neff
Dr. Emmett Aluli
Dr. Jonathan Ching
March 02, 2017
UCB 127 Flyer
Mellon-Hawaiʻi Doctoral Fellows Kealoha Fox
Noʻeau Peralto
Kiana Frank
April 13, 2017
UCB 127 Flyer
Presentation Information
Video: Kealoha Fox
Video: Noʻeau Peralto
Video: Kiana Frank

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The Kanilehua Scholar-in-Resident Program invites Hawaiian cultural experts to lecture, teach and demonstrate their expertise and talents as skilled craft persons in various Hawaiian functional arts.

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