A Living Learning Community is where first year students with a shared interest live together in one of our residence halls. They take a shared class together and have an amazing outside-of-the-classroom experience focused around that particular theme or interest. Each community has a faculty mentor, who will instruct one of their courses each semester as well as engage with students outside of the class. These communities are all designed to support the academic success of our students, help students make friends, and ultimately graduate and become a successful member of the global community. The Living Learning Community program is an outstanding way in which the University of Hawai'i at Hilo is supporting the success of our newest students.

The Kanilehua Living and Learning Community (LLC) is a residential program focused on the engagement and retention of Native Hawaiian students through academic support, residence hall programming, and culturally based activities. An ideal experience for first-year students at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, LLCs are able to integrate coursework with target faculty members, encourage peer interactions, provide additional access to resources for student success, and promote opportunities for community engagement. This program integrates university coursework through a UNIV 101 course intended to familiarize students with the co-curricular and curricular aspects of University life while connecting them with faculty in their specific areas of interest. Within the residence halls, spaces for students to socialize, cook, eat, and study together amongst peers are provided and available around the clock. The Wailau Technology Room available for all students is equipped with computers and other resources to help students complete assignments after regular campus hours. The lab is staffed with Peer mentors who are experienced students at UH Hilo available for assistance in tutoring, advising tips, mentorship, and anything related to student life and well-being at UHH.

Benefits of LLCS:

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